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A winter trip in UA with PROBEGIN

Ukraine is beautiful and welcoming in every season. Winter trips are as amazing as summer ones. We’ve selected some of the most useful Carpathian Mountains winter travel advice. So make yourself cozy and get ready for the portion of packing tips, ideas and opinions what to do and what not to. Let’s make the very most of your holiday.

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Bukovel Itself

Sticking to our tradition, this winter trip is in Bukovel as well. It is a perfect place for spending time and having fun. There are a lot of slopes of varied difficulty, from beginner to advanced. They are maintained and signalized very well. Moreover, there is a school. So, if you’re a beginner, you can hire a teacher.

In case you don’t ski or skate, or snowboard, the area itself is really splendid in winter. There are lots of mountains, woods, rivers and snow, of course! Want to find out more, check this link: https://bukovel.com/en/

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Carpathian Weather

One thing that probably shouldn’t be underestimated is weather. As with any outdoor adventure, it certainly pays to be prepared. Winter in Ukraine is usually mild, our usual winter temperatures are 0 -10. But sometimes might be 10 – 20 below 0 and really damp. So be prepared to everything. To stay up-to-date with the forecast, click here.

What to pack

No matter where you travel, your basic packing list shouldn’t change much. You’ll still need the basics. Plan to take a pair of thermal leggings and a long-sleeved thermal top on your winter trip to the Carpathians. Also, a pair of warm and preferably waterproof boots will save your day. You can ask for the reasons why? Here they are:

  • Comfortable – you can walk for hours in them
  • Travel-friendly – easy to take on and off at the airport
  • Warmth – keep your feet warm and dry much better than sneakers
  • Stylish – they match virtually everything 

Don’t pack too much into your suitcase. Quite often it’s not necessary. When you plan to put five sweaters into your bag, take only two of them. And don’t forget to take something light as well. Because it can be quite warm inside. Regarding ski clothing, of course it’s the best to bring your own. Though there is nothing to worry about if you don’t have it. You always can find the place where you can rent the essentials. And one more friendly tip – it’s better to roll, not fold your winter clothes. It avoids creases and saves space in your suitcase.

Carpathian Culture

The Carpathians are the epicenter of Ukrainian rural folk culture. Adorable alpine villages beckon not only Ukrainians but travellers from all over the world. Let yourself dive into magnificent snowy and frosty days of Bukovel winter trip. You will be surrounded by an amusing atmosphere of winter fairs: traditional beverages, genuine Carpathian cuisine and bakery. Come with an open mind and enjoy the homemade meals of very hospitable local people. What’s more, the skies full of stars, frosty mountain air and snow-covered woods. All of these Carpathians views are absolutely breathtaking. We promise that you will fall in love with this part of Ukraine.

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