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Corporate events

Bukovel Company snow people
PROBEGIN 5th anniversary
family summer trip 2019
Family Summer Trip 2019: PROBEGIN Story
Bukovel Winter Trip 2019
Ted Talk oleg SE
Page Object Pattern in Automated Testing
React Native App Tech Talk
Old games with eachother
Team Building: Annual Family Weekend
Static Code Analysis Type checking
Static Code Analysis Tech Talk
Bukovel Company snow people
Bukovel winter trip 2018
Christmas 2017
PROBEGIN’s Christmas 2017
New Office Opening cutting ribbon
Move to the new office
Summer road map task reading together
Summer Trip Family Weekend 2017


  • Annual Bukovel Winter Weekend
  • Annual Summer Family Weekend
  • Specialist Celebration Days
  • Christmas Party
  • Casual Friday

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Summer road map task reading together

Professional development

Personal Development Plan
PDP & Career Growth

Knowlegde Books Libary
Company Library

Digital Courses Online Self Learning
Online Training Courses

Conference Development Knowlegde Sharing
Training & Conferences
Development Certifications Diploma

Growth Community Professional Development
Growth Community

Social Engagement Care
Social Fulfilment

Learning English Language
Language School
Hackaton Development Challenges

Expert Talk Discussions
Expert Talks & Workshops

Recognition Compensation Earn
Corporate Recognition Initiatives

Leadership Team Lead
Leadershop Programs


Salary Compensation money

Salary and Bonuses

  • Above average compensation
  • Referral bonuses
  • Compensation for agreed overtime
  • Bonus for Exceptional Performance Result
  • Incentive Bonuses

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Holidays & other free days

Paid working days

Paid sick leaves

Additional Days Off *

Paid National Holidays

Personal fulfillment

Health Program

You will get a Premium Healthcare Insurance. This is the best and the most complete package on the market. It helps you, when needed,  cover your medical costs and stay healthy. Working longer with us gets you rewarded.

  • Premium Healthcare Insurance
  • Dental Coverage
  • Insurance Service
  • Family Insurance
Health Insurance Program
Sport Healthcare Program sporting

Sport Program

We all have our own preferences when it comes to sport. One likes to pump-up the muscles, while others prefer yoga or meditation classes. We have a multi sport club program which can cover (a part of) your sport expenses.

Social Engagement Program

Being a part of company, culture and economy is great and it brings us all a great deal of joy, self-development, friendships, laughter, economical stability and health. PROBEGIN believes that we are all in a fortunate position to be able and capable of working in IT sphere and that it is our responsibility to set a positive, constructive example to the future generations.

  • Children
  • Elders
  • Nature
  • Animals
Social Engagement Program schooling children

Awesome office

Office Coffee Machine
Fully Equipped Kitchen

Green Ecological Office
Modern & Green Office

Parking space Car
Free Parking

Flexible Working Time
Flexible Working Hours
Table tennis
Relax Areas

Personal Office Working Spot
Personal Workspace

Cookies Drinks Delicious
Coffee, tea, Lemon, Ginger, Cookies

Apple Fruit Healthy
Fresh Fruits

You don’t live in Lviv and want relocate?

It’s possible to use our Relocation Program.