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Bukovel Winter Trip 2019

At PROBEGIN we understand that each team-building activity needs to fit into a bigger picture of developing a vision of the business. We want everyone to feel that he or she is an essential part of our company. And what is a better way to show your team you appreciate them than to send them to a swanky ski resort? Bukovel winter trip 2019 – mission completed!

How it all began

Having delicious dinner together at the office, we headed to our destination – the snowy Carpathians in Bukovel. When we arrived, cozy rooms were already waiting for us to have rest. Waking up early in the morning, the next day started with nutritious breakfast that gave us the strength to be active all day long. Because snowy slopes cannot leave you indifferent. Bukovel Winter Trip 2019 has begun!

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Bukovel winter trip 2019 – Snowy fairytale

All those amazing mountain views made us feel like we’re somewhere in the middle of some fairytale kingdom. It’s unbelievable how all day skiing, snowboarding or skating in a frosty air could make you forget about all mundane chores. How do you know you’ve got team bonding right? If there was laughter, a sense of excitement and a few Instagram moments, you’re definitely on the right track. Not to speak much, let’s read reviews from our PROBEGINers about our Bukovel Winter Trip 2019.


“We had a really great time in Bukovel. The first day we took a lift and went to the mountains to admire landscapes. Then there was time for snow tubing. It was so much fun. Our day ended up with a delicious dinner at the local restaurant ‘Hrybova Hata’. The next day we together with our Dutch colleagues went ice skating. The weather was just perfect. A lot of snow and no wind made it possible to walk a lot and enjoy the surrounding scenery. There are so many skiers and snowboarders. I was watching them with admiration. Unfortunately, I don’t ski but maybe I will try next year during Bukovel Winter Trip 2020 :)”


“Thank you PROBEGIN for a great weekend in Bukovel. We had a chance to spend a wonderful time with our colleagues and enjoy the picturesque view of the Carpathians. For those who ski it was a good opportunity to practice once again and for those who have not begun their skiing career yet – time to communicate with each other, have a walk, ride tubing and get warm in cozy Bukovel cafes. In the evening we could share our impressions and enjoy tasty food. The way back home was sleepy. At the end, everyone was tired but happy :)”

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“I really liked this Bukovel Winter Trip 2019, especially as it was my first one to the Carpathians. The hotel was good, the owner was very friendly. I liked to ride on snowboarding. In addition, the food was delicious, especially in “Hrybova Hata”, because I really love mushrooms.”


“It was an amazing trip full of positive emotions! Short adventure in the Winter fairytale with lots of fun, activities and happy moments! Thank you, PROBEGIN for these days in Bukovel Winter Trip 2019. Above all, it was really great to spend time together with our colleagues: more communication, more common interests, more smiles 🙂 What’s more, comfortable rooms, tasty dinners, Carpathian mountains, skiing, snow-tubing, snowboarding, walking, fresh winter air… and with great people around you – this all makes Bukovel Winter Trip 2019 – one of the most amazing weekends for us :)”

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“Bukovel Winter Trip 2019 is a trip I’ll always remember – because of the people and the beautiful place we visited! Winter Bukovel – it’s a real fairy tale 🙂 Great place for skiing, ice-skating or snowboarding with a great view! There were good slopes for everybody from easy to hard. Especially I enjoyed the walk in the snow-capped forest together with my colleagues – it was fun) Thank you PROBEGIN for the fantastic weekend! That was a good trip that I really enjoyed!”


“I like traveling and being in new places. I’ve visited most of Ukraine and have seen many beautiful Ukrainian places. This was my first trip to Bukovel, I haven’t seen such nature before. I’ve got a lot of unforgettable impressions. There are huge snow-covered mountains, I cannot describe this landscape. It is really breathtaking. It’s better to see once than to describe it. The atmosphere in Bukovel is unique. All events were in the middle of the resort. I really liked that atmosphere. I had the feeling that there were parties all the time. If you like skiing – I think Bukovel is one of the best options for skiing or learning how to ski. What about food? There are many different restaurants and cafes where you can taste national food or drink delicious mulled wine and have a nice time with your company. Thank you PROBEGIN for this unforgettable time!”

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