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Move to the new office

The general vibe of a workspot has a great impact on both team’s performance and team’s happiness.

When it comes to choosing a place to work, first of all you think about safety. Although, you start asking yourself dozens of other questions. Is there sufficient ventilation? Do air conditioning and heating systems work? Is there a kitchen area? These are basics and for someone might look like trivial matters, but suppose working without them?

New Office Opening cutting ribbon

Taking care of the team

Our management team takes care of physical, mental and emotional comfort of our people. Therefore we did our best in order to create a new, cozier and warmer place to work.
We understand that working in a clean, attractive office has huge effects on everything, from office atmosphere to co-worker dynamics.

To make sure employees love coming to work every day, the workplace needs to be positive. Apart from the comfortable workstations, we have a great space to take a breather, to switch off. Giving this ability to disconnect even for a few minutes is priceless for well-being at work.

A happy and friendly work environment attracts nice people and helps the people who work for you do their utmost for the company. To create that kind of environment takes creativity, presence of mind and patience, which in turns demonstrates that we show solicitude for our people.

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