Carpathian Summer trip

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Summer Trip Family Weekend 2017

After a taste of this part of Ukraine and after getting to know its people, their cuisine and local ceremonies, you start to think that it’s a paradise for travel and adventure. Our PROBEGIN family spent an unforgettable time in this sunny Transcarpathian region next to Synevir lake.

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Recap of super awesome summer trip

As with any outdoor adventure, your itinerary depends on weather, it’s necessary to be prepared for the possibility of four seasons in one day. Though, we were lucky and observed only the most amazing weather which can be in the mountains.

Despite the fact that our trip began at six in the morning, everybody was in a good mood and looking forward to the following weekend together. With a comfortable transfer, we got to our destination on time and were met with super tasty breakfast, which included homemade cheesecakes, hutsul banush (traditional breakfast meal in this region), fresh fruit cocktails and different types of lemonades.

Carpathian Summer trip
Having refreshed our energy, we started the quest, which took us into imaginary world of nymphs and witches. The riddles were quite tricky, but the teams felt the spirit of competition, and found solutions with the speed of light. Beating a record, one of our teams came to the finish much earlier than others. Everybody was so fascinated by those activities and so proud of each other that all of us won through all the difficulties together.

We had one more triumph – climbing the mountain the next day. It’s pretty hard way, but raising each other’s spirit, we made it! And on the top of this huge mountain, everyone felt happiness and fulfillment.

Discovering the nature of the most fascinating and picturesque places, this tour gave us an opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the Ukrainian Carpathians, empowered us to contribute to common goals and motivated us to pool our talents and performed at our best individually and as team players.

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