PROBEGIN Christmas 2017

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PROBEGIN’s Christmas 2017

It’s Christmas time again – the time of hopes, joys and forgiveness. It’s the time that always gives people the great feeling inside themselves. It’s the celebration which includes spending time with people you love.

Christmas 2017

Christmas Celebration

It has been an exciting and successful year for PROBEGIN, full of great achievements. Christmas time is the time for giving and sharing. And we were anxiously looking forward to this holiday. Therefore, we wanted to have an awesome celebration of our appreciation of the wonderful people we have working with us. All this created the unbelievable spirit of holiday, which we would like to keep for a long time during the following year. The New Year and Christmas party season has started and we’re trying to make lots of memories that we can carry on with us. Starting from “Secret Santa” we’re sharing the warming spirit and unforgettable emotions with each other. Christmas lights and decorations are a way of looking at and showing spirit towards the holiday season.

PROBEGIN Christmas 2017
All over the world, people from different countries have their own way of showing their Christmas character. In our office we are surrounded by plenty of splendid reminders. The lights on the walls, the big red bows in the rooms, and the bright reds and greens decorated in a festive way all over the office make it very special during the holiday season.

Although our teams work in different parts of Europe each having unique traditions, the thing that we all have in common is a special and meaningful celebration of both secular and spiritual aspects of Christmas holiday. What’s more, our dedication to everything what we do. It doesn’t matter if we talk about our working moments or having fun together. Both of our cultures have distinctive holiday traditions that incorporate the spirit of the season with the unique flair. In short, each year we try to greet and have something memorable for our team to show our gratitude.

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