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Family Summer Trip 2019: PROBEGIN Story

Any outdoor adventure makes you be prepared for four seasons in one day. Especially when we talk about Lviv region. Even though all forecasts said it’s going to rain all week long, we’re lucky with the weather at the weekend. It was an awesome experience.

family summer trip 2019

Our Family Summer Trip 2019 destination

Every year we go to the Carpathians, but this one was different. Our Family Summer Trip 2019 took place in extremely picturesque destination. Drevny Grad is located only 11 km from Lviv city centre. And it’s a great place to have a weekend together.


This is a wonderful place. Moreover, it’s like a fairy tale where you can find something special for yourself. For instance, Cottages in an ancient style, breathtaking views and delicious food.


The review usually includes criticism, but not this time. Because the impressions of the trip are 100% positive. Certainly, a summer family trip with PROBEGIN is a true family holiday and a good tradition as well. This year our location was the large park-hotel Drevny Grad. It’s a place that impresses you with beauty, convenience and high quality of service.

family summer trip 2019

Creating connections with PROBEGIN Summer Family Trip 2019

Our journey began with a quest. Every team was eager to win. A series of games helped us focus on communication and collaboration. With a great deal of entertainment, our teammates had such a fun time together. It was an amazing team bonding experience! Most importantly, the teams loved the activity and were fully involved.


I think everyone who participated in our team building have only the best things to say about our annual Summer Family trip 2019 and it was certainly a great bonding experience for the team.


Above all, it was an amazing trip full of positive emotions. There were some interesting activities for strengthening the team spirit such as quests, playing volleyball, etc.


The trip was awesome! The activities were fun and kept everyone engaged. Drevny Grad is a nice place for chilling. It’s charming, quiet and peaceful, except for the squirrels on the roof at 1:30am. Also, the food was great and the staff was pretty helpful. In short, the whole weekend was absolutely superb.

family summer trip

Making a long story short

Team bonding activities help us facilitate summer outings. Our program was full of  fun and entertainment. With each of the task, people became more helpful and enthusiastic. Every time, we learn how to work together better. How to have more fun and laughter.


Thank you PROBEGIN, for the great time we have spent as a great family. It was really cool, as always.


In conclusion, it was a great pleasure to walk in the park among the huge oaks and beautiful flowers. Also, to see the children’s smiles playing fun games with animators. And a pirate-style party, which made us feel like a real family on a PROBEGIN ship.

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