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Team Building: Annual Family Weekend

What makes us feel stronger? In general, these are positive emotions which we get from different things and different people, usually close ones. Team building is another good way to get these great feelings.

PROBEGIN encourages active, dynamic and healthy lifestyle. We always want to see our people happy, cheering collaboration and teamwork. Team bonding is a perfect way to manage with that. In particular, we have a great tradition to go to unique parts of the Carpathians and spend a Family Weekend there every summer.

Old games with eachother

Our destination

This time it was Voevodyno Resort in Transcarpathian region. This is an ideal place to escape from the city in order to spend time enjoying quiet and amazing nature. Great variety of play- and sports grounds, children’s club, swimming pools, Schönborn park, tennis court.

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Building connections in Voevodyno

Having rich breakfast, our first day started by taking part in team games. Crossing the bridge with a teammate on your back, jumping in the bags, gathering the balls with closed eyes and it was just the beginning of the whole competition. All participants were eager to win and at the end got various nominations – “Super Family #1”, “Future Family”, “Cute Family”, “Creative Family” and so on and so forth.

We had a great time during our super awesome PROBEGIN family summer trip. Amazing combination of activities, fun, delicious food, spectacular views of the Carpathians let us relax and enjoy the journey. For sure it is the most favourite adventure of this year for us!

Our Saturday ended with a wonderful party in the best Carpathian traditions. At first, we started with the master class of Carpathian dances conducted by our extremely enthusiastic guide. We can’t say that now we’re professional dancers, but at least we know where our left side and right side are. Another tradition, especially for Carpathian Mavkas, is making flower crowns and setting them afloat. Furthermore, our courageous Probeginners were jumping in pairs over the fire, inspiring each other.

Professional growth

Such successful team building events not only bring people closer together, but also lead to more successful and creative workplace ideas. It happens because when we are around people we are comfortable with, we tend to have a bigger imagination.

The things I liked the most were family competition and Kupala night with wearing traditional clothes, dancing, and jumping over the bonfire. I think our Dutch colleagues also had fun during these days as they were taking active part in all activities. Thank you Probegin for organizing such an amazing trip!

The next day, our activities didn’t finish. In continuation, we could choose among different playgrounds, from mini-golf to paintball, from volleyball to soccer, from a bike ride for 16 km to just taking a sunbath next to the swimming pool. Furthermore, some of us went for an amazing forest walk, gathering mushrooms and sweet mountain blackberries.

Summing up

After completing team building activities together, we always better understand each other’s interests, strengths and weaknesses. It, in turn, helps us work better as one team, which is vital for a future company’s progress and prosperity.

It was something amazing and unbelievable! Warm atmosphere with lots of moments which you wish to save in your memory for a long, long time! Activities that could satisfy all tastes have made our weekends unforgettable! Thank you Probegin family, you touched our souls and no more words are needed!

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