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Daily Use of Machine Learning

Machine Learning might seem like something very far from our understanding. It might seem like something the scientists use for their experiments in top-secret tech labs. But we don’t even realise to what extent it’s involved in everything that we do every day.

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Introduction of Machine Learning

Everyone is familiar with Artificial Intelligence, intelligence demonstrated by the machines. But there is also another really hot buzzword. It’s Machine Learning. Even though, we often use these terms interchangeably, they aren’t quite the same thing.

In short, Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science. Its goal is to make intelligent machines. And Machine Learning is an application of it. Having evolved from Artificial Intelligence, it provides systems the ability to automatically learn. Without being explicitly programmed, Machine Learning focuses on using statistical techniques. It develops computer programs that can access available data and use it. In turn, it helps enhance not only professional processes, but also everyday chores.

In this article. We’re going to present 5 ways of the most common Machine Learning daily use. So let’s get started.

Image and Speech Recognition

Nowadays it’s common to identify people and actions, objects and places in images. Also, it’s possible to label the content of images with meta-tags, do image content search, create smart photo libraries. This ability is powered by machine learning. Next, automatic speech recognition which is translation of spoken words into the text. We use it in such applications like voice search or voice user interface and many others. For instance, voice user interfaces might be voice dialling or call routing, search or simply data entry.

Online Customer Support

You’ve seen this feature on a number of websites. With the help of it, you get a 24/7 customer support representative. However, it’s not a human with whom you talk to. In most of the times, it’s a chatbot. Using Machine Learning algorithms, chatbots advance with time. They tend to understand and assist users in purchasing, billing and query.

Online Transportation Networks

GPS navigation services are used everywhere. And Machine Learning plays a major role here. Systems can predict different traffic situations, any congestion and estimated arrival time. Moreover, it helps to define the price based on distance travelled and surge hours. It can also take into account possible detours and decide on the shortest commute.

Social networking

Probably, this is the best example of Machine Learning in our daily life. Starting with personalising the news feed and finishing with ads targeting. What’s more, try to upload a picture of you with a friend. It instantly recognises and suggests tagging that person. Facebook continuously does its job. Your interests or your workplace, friends that you connect with or profiles that you visit quite often. Everything is a simple concept of Machine Learning. It’s the understanding with experiences. Nevertheless your favourite social media service, Pinterest, Instagram or Facebook, Machine Learning makes each of them our favourite one.

Summing up

These are just a few examples of Machine Learning in our daily life. Every moment this list is becoming longer and longer . This branch of artificial intelligence is based on the idea that systems can learn from data. They can identify patterns and make decisions. And all of the mentioned above is made with minimal human intervention or assistance. In brief, it’s an incredible breakthrough in the field, which help us improve our lives.

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