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Europe is lacking in Artificial intelligence

With the market booming in the United States, the EU is hesitating to invest in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence Robot

In Need of Artificial intelligence
Meanwhile in the United States of America, the private sector has invested a
huge amount in Artificial Intelligence. And even having a governmental plan launched in 2016, the
Europeans are falling behind. As the report of Claire states, Europe needs the
technology for a future position in the global market.

With AI becoming more and more important, countries like
the US, Canada and China have already acted upon it. With Europe just starting
to realize it’s needed to have an actual plan. So “25 European countries
pledged to increase the national research funding for AI as part of a common
‘European approach’”
(CLAIRE, 2018).

Possibilities in AI
As a European Company ourselves, we see huge potential for Artificial Intelligence.
We see potential for enhancing existing technology with AI, or creating new
innovative products with AI. For the private sector as well as for the government,
AI is the way to go forward and be future proof.

Governmental Solutions
Governments from different countries are already experimenting with Artificial
intelligence. Subjects that are interesting to combine and enhance with AI are:
Immigration, Environment & Energy, Education, Healthcare and Security.

Private Sector
As in private sector everyone has their own industry, the options have no limit.
It’s possible to tackle the problems (for example) with customer service,
administration, product development, and learning about our clients.

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