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Get ready for our winter trip

Excited about the upcoming trip to the mountains? Before starting to pack, let’s have a look at some useful tips how to get ready and what to think about in advance.

In order not to have the feeling that we have been trapped inside of the office for too long, getting restless and bored, at PROBEGIN, we are given the chance to burn off some energy and enjoy a change of scenery by planning our trip to the Carpathians. This snowy pearl of Ukraine in winter season.

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First of all, make a list of all the things you’re going to need on your trip,
then check them off as you put them in your luggage.

When preparing for a trip never pack for the worst scenario. Pack light,
bringing only the essentials. If something unusual happens you can always buy
a needed item at the destination. Instead of packing things that you think
might potentially be handy, analyze every item and ask yourself if you can
manage without it. Choose your clothes accordingly to the season and climate
at the destination. If you don’t want to be an unprepared, unhappy and very
soggy traveler, don’t forget to check the forecast to see what weather is going
to be and take only what you’re sure you will use. Also, take only
activity-appropriate clothes. As we’re going to the mountains, avoid taking
heavy coats, better bring a lot of layers. What’s more, wear warm, waterproof
shoes, a winter hat with a warm scarf, gloves or mittens. But there aren’t just
ski slopes, but also – Spa center, disco, ice rink, fitness center, and sauna.
Therefore, if you’re thinking about visiting one of these places, put your
swimming or gym suit in your backpack.

Next thing – take care of your gadgets. Before heading out the door make sure
that every gadget you’re taking with you is fully charged. Because realizing
your phone battery is dying while in transit and you aren’t able to find an
outlet is the worst. As soon as the batteries are all full, pack those chargers
up in order not to forget them at home.

The Ukrainian Carpathians are relatively gentle peaks, and Bukovel Ski Resort
is well known for its unique climate. The mountains protect it from cold winter
winds and make perfect conditions for recreation in winter. So you will not find
yourself in an extreme blizzards. It is difficult to describe the entire beauty
and picturesque views of this place – you should better come and feel the magic
atmosphere of Ukrainian Carpathians by yourself.

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