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Stay productive while working from home

Coronavirus affects everything from the possibility of international travels to availability of hand sanitizer. As a result, our work culture is changing as well. We are recommended or even mandated to stay at home and work remotely.

stay productive during quarantine

At First Glance

At first we might think how lucky we are to enjoy home environments, but then we realize that working from home is a double-edged sword. It might become harder to stay productive and focus on your tasks. While working from home, we should alter some of our habits and routines to get the best results. Due to different types of personalities, lifestyles and work, we all might face unique challenges to stay productive and maintain balance. However, many of the essentials are the same. So let us get started.

Set a Schedule 

Maintaining regular working hours is rule number one. Set a few clear guidelines for your timetable. If it’s too difficult to do it on your own, there are different time-tracking apps. They help you stick to your schedule calculating your most productive hours. Consequently, you can use this information as your advantage when planning your most significant tasks. What’s more, don’t forget about rest. Take breaks in their entirety to walk away from your laptop or computer screen. Give yourself time to have normal lunch and make short breaks during the day. Set reasonable boundaries and don’t let yourself switch to “always-on” mode.

Start and Finish Your Day with a Routine 

You need to have a so-called morning routine. The routine which points out that you’re about to start your work. It might be just making a cup of coffee or tea, or getting dressed up, or turning on your favourite music or radio station. Not to mention doing morning exercises, yoga or jogging. The same should happen at the end of your working day. It does not matter what you choose to do, whatever works for you. But you need to do it consistently. Create a routine that helps you get your work done efficiently and effectively.

Stay Productive and Connected

This is a time when many people feel disconnected, isolated and trapped. And all of that might have a bad effect on our productivity. That’s why it’s important to stay connected with your team. You should regularly communicate and share context. Either one-to-ones or team meetings. It helps everyone be aware of aims, deliverables and status. Video chat is a great way to turn remote working into a connected one.

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