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Teamwork Behind Shoot Scene

The number of people involved isn’t what defines the quality of the work. It’s the skill, accurate and collaborative efforts that everyone brings to the table which is really the decisive factor in determining the value.

Our PROBEGIN team had an amazing experience in being part of the professional photo and video shooting. It was such a joy to undergo this spirit of teamwork where everyone supported and helped each other out where it mattered most.

Video Shoot PROBEGIN

Regardless of experience, when people step in front of lens they will expect some
direction. A photographer needs to give that genuine guidance, otherwise the images
will just come up short. There is nothing more awkward than a clueless model and a
quiet photographer. None of us has any experience posing or controlling our face for
the camera before. But, of course, not everything depends on the photographer.
Moreover, it doesn’t matter how creative, enthusiastic or skilful he or she might be,
if the people in front of the camera are not 100% on board. Therefore, we’d like to
share with you a few useful tips how to make this process smoother.

Think about what you’re doing
It’s essential to be aware of exactly how you’re positioning your entire body.
Nonverbal communication is all you have to rely on in photos. Whatever you do, you’re
sending a message. So you need to look natural. Keeping your arms and legs relaxed is
the core, because you don’t keep them straight all the time in normal life. Therefore,
don’t do it in front of the camera.

Pose your hair and turn your shoulders
We don’t usually think of hair as a part of the body we can control, but it’s not true.
There are no rules what looks best. The first thing to remember though is that hair
sitting on the shoulders looks awful. And remember that hair is going to be the first
thing anyone notices about your photo. In addition, if a person gazes at the camera
head-on, he or she looks bigger, which is really bad when you shoot beauty. That’s why
you need to turn a little in order to look slimmer.

Experiment with various facial expressions
When it comes to your countenance, make sure you get some variety in your shots. You can
look directly at the camera or look away, smile or be serious. Also, you don’t have to
stick to the scene feeling. For instance, you can add some fun to a dark atmosphere, or
some sadness to a sunshine. The aim is to make a great dynamic message.

To cut a long story short, we can struggle with different issues that harass the shot till
no end. But what keeps the shoot moving is a positive attitude and a spirit of teamwork.
At the end of the day, no matter how skilled a person is at their specific tasks,
recognizing the importance of teamwork and communication is what makes the flow seamlessly
and understanding. That’s the meaning of teamwork, when we can all gather around the final
product and congratulate each other for a job well done.

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