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Women in Tech: PROBEGIN Stories

What does the future hold for women in technology jobs?

If we want to have a viable future for women in technology, there is a need for a cultural shift. It reflects the increasing awareness of these issues among businesses which leads to unlimited opportunities for women in technology.


People tend to think that STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) fields are
preferred career path by men, though there is a considerable growth of the amount of women
who are substantially interested in entering the field of computer science. The role of women
in the growing field of IT is actually changing the face of the industry.

Although the field of technology has been a traditional male-based environment, women are
slowly finding their own niche in the industry. Moreover, as the industry grows and the
demand for qualified employees expands beyond current boundaries, women are being offered
more advanced positions within the IT field. Women’s wit, skills and knowledge give birth to
the best products and solutions, creating success stories in business and technology.

Despite the fact that more men are likely to connect their career with IT, women are suggested
to show a new perspective on design issues and to find ways to tackle various problems. Forming
diverse IT teams which include both men and women from varied backgrounds is one of the greatest
ways to make a promising problem-solving infrastructure that can solve the most difficult

Technological industry by its very nature is innovative and progressive, and it welcomes
hard-working, passionate women, who you can find in our PROBEGIN company. They always strive to
be ahead on industry trends and technical knowledge, develop themselves personally and
professionally and make sure they’re up to speed on emerging technology, achieving long-term
business success.

So let’s have a look at some quotes given by our devoted female part of the team about their
way in IT.

Olena PROBEGIN woman

Olena is a former journalist and a digital marketer with over 10 years of experience. Before
switching to software development, she was in marketing in international NGOs and hospitality.

“I wanted to focus on digital marketing, as I think it is a future. I like that digital marketing
is developing so fast and you are constantly learning new channels to reach your audience as well
as innovative tools, platforms and algorithms”.

Starting from digital marketing Olena decided to extend her skills to Project Management and now
is acting as a Project Manager for one of PROBEGIN innovative projects.


Tessa is our Business Analyst. She develops marvellous visions that are in minds of our clients
and puts them into successful software.

“My IT journey started with a background of Graphic Design and Marketing (that resulted from
my computing and art&crafts hobbies). Because of these elements, I was always thinking about
the users’ point of view. Then, thanks to PROBEGIN I really started to get interested in optimizing
systems with a great design and a better usability. Good usability is the best marketing there is
right? Being an IT business analyst is a continuous learning opportunity, discovering new techniques
and figuring out the best ways to place the right functionalities. I really enjoy creating something
new and better every time.”


Started her IT career as a Quality Assurance Engineer, Anastasia has become a great Delivery Manager
who oversees the number of key functions that enable the delivery of a high quality service to end

“Having begun my career as a technical translator, media-buyer and climbing the steps of the
administrative ladder of one of the largest outsourcing companies in Ukraine, the area of ​​information
technology started to be inspiring for me. Being a Quality Assurance Engineer for nearly three years,
I’ve defined my future direction and continued my career in the Product and Customer Service department.
Having gained some experience, I have defined my future path as a Client Delivery Manager, working with
clients, project teams and the product itself for the next 2 years. Now I have accepted a new challenge
from PROBEGIN company, and started here as a Delivery and Client Relationship Manager. I got much
attracted by the top management high values towards the quality of the products we deliver, clients
service we are every time improving as well as their positive attitude towards employees.”

Although many people might think that technology for women will never be their cup of tea, our PROBEGIN
women are the ones who inspire talented women that take into consideration their future in this field
and enlighten those who are already in this industry and tend to stay and develop there.

To cut a long story short, our world is becoming a much greater place with advance in technology and
women’s role can never be overemphasized in today’s growth, women play significant roles in IT sector.

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